TypeScript Library of the Mastodon CLI

TypeScript library to access a Mastodon server from command line and in shell scripts.

CodeQL Node.js npm license


Run the following command for usage in NPM projects:

npm install tsl-mastodon-cli

Run the following command for global installation:

npm install --global tsl-mastodon-cli

Access Token

You need an access token for communication with a Mastodon server.

  1. Open your Mastodon website and go to the profile settings of the account.

  2. In the profile settings open the section ‘Development’.

  3. Create a new application and use the related access token.


$ npx tsl-mastodon-cli post-status \
--api 'https://mastodon.example/api/v1/' \
--token 'ABC' \
--media 'animation.gif' \
--text 'Hello, World!' \
--visibility public

Avaliable Options

The available options are not settled yet. Please run npx tsl-mastodon-cli --help to get the latest overview.